Today we address the recruiter call, why it is important to take the call, and what to look for in a potential partner recruiter who can help you grow your business.

Do you receive calls from executive recruiters? Do you regard these calls in the same light as robo-calls? Be careful. You might be missing an opportunity to learn more about your industry, your marketplace, and your own company’s competitiveness.

So what should you look for in a recruiter call?

Who knows your industry better than someone who specializes in calling into your competitors every day? A good coach of mine once told me that smart business owners not only take the calls, they know how to build acquaintances with specialists that can share industry information with them.

First of all, have they done their homework? Do they know you, your company, your role, your likely staffing pain points? In public accounting, for instance, it’s the skilled 5-8 year accountant who can handle client relationships, review of others work, and regularly show good realization on their time booked. In a manufacturing company, it’s the skilled engineer or scientist who can develop products to go to market, who understands what’s needed by your customers and can get it done within a budget. Or is a skilled sales professional, who regularly exceeds their quota because of their persistence, use of social media to access prospects, and ability to schedule face-to-face meetings with potential customers.

If a recruiter can share insights from what they’re seeing with you with jobs like the ones you find tough to fill, they are offering you insight that a smart leader opens their ears to hear.

And they can also keep the doors open for you in advancing your career. ‘If I hear of an ideal position for you, what would that look like?’ Those executive recruiters can get you looks at opportunities you may not have the time to find yourself.

It’s because they have market knowledge, they know because they’re calling on your company and others in your industry they know what’s going on perhaps more so than you do. And why not at least have a friendly conversation with them where you might pick up a few pieces of information about your competition?

Dan Toussant, your Executive Recruiter, shares planning tips for hiring sales professionals. He suggests hiring managers consider three things: Expectations, Testing, and the Process and Timeline. Tune in for the details.

Visit Dan’s website, Dan Toussant & Associates, for more recruiting information.

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